Something out of Nothing

Phaedra Cheydleur hails originally from Old Blighty ( UK), travelled around the world and has been knocking around Los Angeles since 1993.  She likes to create her own businesses and for many years they have encompassed: managing music artists with If Only Productions;  a successful aromatheraphy company called Bliss of Venice ( now iBalm), with it’s innovative bathing products and now her newest creative venture in fiber art,  The Phoenix Gift!  Along the way grew a beautiful family whom she adores and it was this that led her to sharing her knowledge through teaching and the universe showed her way to Waldorf teacher training where she will graduate in 2012.

With a love for sharing knowledge gained from insight and trial, Phaedra has been teaching fiber art for over 6 years, since a friend put a felting needle in her hand and asked her to create a puppet out of wool! Mainly self taught, but artistically inclined, she led the parents’ handwork committee at a local Waldorf  charter school for 4 years before starting her own journey as a Waldorf teacher. She lends her skills, ideas about colour composition, and sculpture with a medium off the beaten path, to help students be more insightful on their journey into using wool for artistic impression.

She is currently writing a book that will share that journey for more intermediate felting students and those who wish to explore an inner depth to their work.

She holds workshops throughout the year, travels occasionally to wool festivals to teach and browse the wares, but is also available for private lessons for small groups, where you live.

Classes available range from $ 25 pp and 1-2 hours to $75pp and 4-5 hours depending on what you wish to learn. These are few and new classes are being formed as you read! For more information please contact:

Original Storyteller Fantasy Dreamscape/Playscape

using unique wet and dry felting methods and re-purposed materials -$75 materials included – all day class

Tall Tale Tree Sculpture and creative writing
sturdy wire armature frame and base mat techniques
$68 materials included. – 3-4 hours

Wool Painting Tapestry with colour theory
using unique wet and dry felting methods
Next class in July 2011
$60 including materials